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Moving Day!

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What could go wrong?

Today, the Chicago City Council voted 41-5 to give Mayor Emanuel more authority to enter into contracts for goods, work and services with respect to the G8 and NATO summits this Spring. They did this so he could enter the City into contracts without having to go through that old, pesky bidding process. Certainly, as … Continue reading

Case Study: Republic Windows and Doors

Every week, Tax Dollars and Sense offers a case study to analyze the problems with TIF. This week we will look at the Republic Windows and Doors project within the Goose Island TIF District. Tax-increment financing provides potentially lucrative subsidies that benefit developers. In return for the benefits they receive, developers should commit to delivering … Continue reading

Case study: The Central Loop TIF District

Every week, Tax Dollars and Sense will offer a case study to analyze the problems with TIF. This series will start with the most famous TIF district– the Central Loop. The Central Loop TIF District was created in 1984 at the request of Mayor Harold Washington, who was worried that the shoppers were developing negative … Continue reading