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Recommended Resolutions for Rahm in 2012

We all know that 2011 has been a huge year for Chicago’s new mayor. He won an election, created task forces, passed his first budget, and put tons of information online (among other things). But despite all of the check marks on his giant checklist, his work is far from over. Here are some recommendations … Continue reading

Burned by Sears?

Illinois lawmakers are up in arms about Sears’ announcement to close 120 Sears and Kmart stores nationally. It’s hard to see a company that Illinois taxpayers just gave $150 million in tax breaks start laying people off and closing stores. That being said, Sears is not actually breaking the agreement that it has with the … Continue reading

Job creation

Last week, the Chicago Community Development Commission approved a tax increment financing project that will “create” 500-650 permanent jobs lasting ten years by relocating Sara Lee’s meat division, MeatCo’s headquarters. The project is going to cost Chicago taxpayers up to $6.5 million dollars. The proposed contract stipulates that MeatCo will receive $1 million every year … Continue reading

Money for Something

The following is a joint press release from Illinois PIRG and Good Jobs First States are spending billions of dollars per year on corporate tax credits, cash grants and other economic development subsidies that often require little if any job creation and lack wage and benefit standards covering workers at subsidized companies. These are the … Continue reading

Progress report: TIF reform

It has been over 90 days (93 to be exact) since Mayor Emanuel’s TIF Task Force released their recommendations on how to reform the broken system of economic development. And when they did, the Mayor said that he planned to fully implement them. So, how much progress has been made so far? Very little. Chicago’s … Continue reading